All about shit and the men who love it
All about shit and the men who love it.

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Manscat hosts CRUSHER (front, top) and the steward (rear, any old way)

January 2002 A desperate and horny steward, isolated in the hinterlands, dreams of flying to foreign cities. To meet the guys who post them nasty ads at The Latrine and De J's Dining Room.

We make friends with Redright and DaCoach. They encourage us.

August 2002 Manscat opens on a ten-dollar server. No profiles, no picture galleries. scatboi to the rescue! He writes our first profile section.

The years fly by We do all sorts of crazy shit. We get seriously beat up by the changing landscape of shit. The big players at MSN and Yahoo start a campaign to nuke the free groups that poop. Paypal and the adult billing industry wash their hands.

Today The community has moved on to other sites. Yet manscat remains.

Manscat is a community effort. Manscat is a monarchy. Manscat is a corporation. Manscat is just us.

Our executive board has been with us since the day we opened, and continues to supply us with butt cheeks for crying on, pearls of wisdom for ignoring, and firm discipline when we're horny.

The editorial we is truly made up of many more guys than we can list on this page. We are indebted to a constant stream of willing hands and mouths.

Special thanks to nigpig. Our video guy has been working, free of charge, to edit, compress, watermark, twiddle and fiddle with your videos.

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