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All about shit and the men who love it

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Food With Shit As An Ingredient

Hello all!

I have been into shit for a few years now. Something I have always been interested in, but have yet to try, is shit with food. Be it putting shit into a dish, or completely making a dish with shit. I do use piss cubes for myself, and especially love them in ice tea. I of course am only talking for my own personal enjoyment, I would never serve anything of this nature to anyone, without their complete personal consent. I have really been thinking of putting some of my own shit into a pot of Dinty Beef Stew, I think it will mix nicely! So, how about anyone else out there... any suggestions, stories, recipes in regards to shit and food? Look forward to hearing back from everyone. Take care buds.
I do this on a regular basis. I shit on my pizzas at home for example. Many years ago a not so scat interested but very sadistic friend, knowing about my extreme perversion, invited me over for dinner. He had made a stew. First he served himself, then he shat into the rest of the stew and served me. He laughed all the way during the meal. This guy also once served a vanilla sauce desert to a large group of diners mixed with his own semen. I saw with my own eyes how he masturbated and came into the sauce mix. I was there to help him, and did not say a word to the other guests. Of course i also ate my own desert. Personally, and because i can not live without shit, i often bring out small parts of shit wrapped in cling-film and put it on hamburgers, or in baguettes. It the lumps of shit i carry are not too big, nobody opens an eyelid. I have also dumped shit into my coffees, but it doesn't dissolve completely. Anyway, it is a great way to eat shit in public when you have to be "clean" and not make a mess.
Watch the movie "The Help" for a hint of a delicious chocolate pie substitution!