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Can you get sick and die from eating shit?

Yes. You can get hurt and die in an automobile wreck, too. Do you plan to avoid cars in the future? Of course not. Knowledge of the consequences deters few cigarette smokers.

You can not catch any disease from the shit you eat that the donor did not have. My "quality control" standards have served me well and I don't even know who the donor was much less which diseases he had.

Remember, not all shit is created equally. Some shit really smells and tastes bad! More specifically, a harsh acrid "smoky" odor and very bitter taste I consider bad. If it looks bad or lacks the classic grogan appearance, I'd say lose it in a hurry. The problem with being a bottom is that you can not be selective about the shit, it comes prepackaged :-) Not always [usually not] the kind we'd like to have. If you decide to proceed anyway, the most dire health consequence is probably hepatitis, of course you can't get it unless he has it, in which case you may get it from kissing, sucking, or rimming, etc.; so don't just blame the shit. You can also pick up parasites and amoebae. If you get an upset stomach, Tumms will usually help. I'm HIV negative, even after all these years of eating shit from thousands of guys mostly anonymously, but I have to admit that I have had to take Flagyl once or twice, and even now, I clean myself out a couple times a year with Noroxin [one tab a day for 5 days].

If you have a problem and it lasts for more than five days or have very severe symptoms: see a doctor and don't be bashful about telling him what you did. It is wise to establish a good relationship with a physician before you need one! You can avoid a lot of expensive diagnostics by just suggesting he prescribe Noroxin or later if that doesn't work Flagyl.

A final thought here. Your toilet training and societal taboos are frequently sufficient to cause you to worry or feel guilty after your first scat experiences. This can cause you to conjure up psychosomatic illnesses limited only by your imagination. Know yourself and be aware that this may be a problem.

deJ • 2002-08-22
Shit can contain things that can hurt and even kill you. There are several infectious agents that can be passed in shit and are of particular concern.

Parasites are at the top of the list. Giardia is common bacteria in the western US. I can?t say for the rest of the planet, but, it is here. It is found in ground water and works its way up. It is a bastard to kill too. E-coli gets a lot of press and is also a concern. There are many strains of e-coli, most are perfectly harmless, and some are only mildly dangerous. However, there are some strong strains that have surfaced in recent years, from livestock and their shit. They can make almost anyone sick, however they have only been fatal to children, the elderly, and others who have compromised immune systems. This is the same bug you can get from undercooked meats.

Hepatitis, a virus, is the other major concern. There are shots for the more common A and B strains. A new strain, however, now referred to as C can kill you by destroying your liver. Without a transplant you will die. Think about how good your health insurance is when you consider this one folks! I know I can't get a new liver.

Puddles • 2002-08-22
Can you get sick eattingyour own shit even if you have none of the above issues?
Q: Can I get sick from eating my own shit?

A: If it came our of your ass, you already have it.

1) The idea that the look or smell of shit could give you clues to its safety is false. If we could do that, we wouldn't need all those fancy and expensive lab tests. Shit is shit.

2) Anything you can contract from eating shit you can contract from rimming. You just get exposed to a higher quantity of organisms. In the case of amebiasis or giardia, it only take a few organisms to do the trick.

3) "Cleaning oneself out" with norfloxacin once a year is completely useless, and possibly harmful. Norfloxacin doesn't kill the bacteria that would cause harmful overgrowth; it is used to kill pathogenic strains of e-coli, "traveler's diarrhea", salmonella, shigella, and campylobacter, which are causes of ACUTE diarrhea when they are associated with FEVER ONLY. If you don't have a fever and you aren't having diarrhea, Cipro, Noroxin, etc. won't help--they'll just kill off the HEALTHY bacteria in your bowel that help prevent harmful bacteria from causing disease. In other words, doing the cleanout routine might make you MORE susceptible to infection during future exposures, because you've disrupted your bodies natural defense mechanisms.

4) Puddles is right about giardia and amebiasis being the highest risk during scat play. These parasites are very common in gay men--as many as 1 in 10 may be carriers in some communities. Many are asymptomatic, chronic carriers, but the usual symptoms are foul-smelling stools and flatulence, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, and in chronic cases, malabsorption (stools will be greasy from unabsorbed fats in the stool, and there may be an oily film on the toilet water surface). Flagyl treats these infections in about 80% of cases, but sometimes the organisms can be resistant (mostly due to folks like de J self-treating inappropriately), and more complex regimens have to be tried.

5) If you have AIDS or are immunocompromised, you have many more concerns, including cryptosporidiosis, microsporidiosis, and toxoplasmosis. These organisms can be impossible to eradicate in folks with less than 200 T cells, and can ultimately lead to severe debilitation and death from dehydration, malnutrition, and loss of electrolytes. If somebody has HIV and chronic diarrhea that is CLEARLY not related to their medication, you are taking a risk by ingesting their shit. Everyone can have their stool tested for most of these organisms quite easily (except for microsporidiosis), so if you have a partner with whom you play regularly, consider having both of you screened.

6) "Farm" at your own risk. It's a crap shoot (pun intended) as to what you're getting into. If the shit is over a couple of hours old, add severe bacterial food poisoning to your list of concerns.

7) Hepatitis is the most feared infection that can be easily transmitted from feces, but Hepatitis A and G are the only two strains that are readily passed by this route. Hepatitis B is transmitted the same way HIV is transmitted, and every gay man should be vaccinated for this. Hepatitis A has an effective vaccine too, and every gay man should get it as well, regardless of whether he's into scat or rimming. Hepatitis C is the most concerning strain, because there is no vaccine, and it frequently becomes a chronic infection that leads to cirrhosis. However, we don't really know how it is transmitted--only about 5-10% of cases are transmitted sexually, and there is no data to suggest that it is readily transmitted in feces. It's certainly possible, though.

6) Although there is no data supporting this claim, most experts seem to have a consensus that HIV is a fairly low-risk issue from rimming, UNLESS the top has hemorrhoids, fissures, or blood in the stool. In the case of those in the fetish community, where fisting and heavy assplay is fairly common, there may be a SIGNIFICANT quantity of blood in the stool, which would obviously be risky for the bottom to ingest. So the risk isn't ZERO, but it's less than other practices. Now, this is for RIMMING, mind you--scat is such a minority fetish, that I don't think anybody has any idea how risky it is. I'd tell people to ask their partners whether they have hemorrhoids, whether they've had blood in their stools recently, or whether they've noticed blood on the tissue after wiping. This is probably the best advice out there I can think of.

7) If you eat your own shit, you may feel queasy afterwards, but if it came out of your ass, you've already got it.
Years ago I had a hep shot because a co-worker had hepatitis and I was advised to get the shot. Soon thereafter I was diagnosed with hepatitis (like a week). My question is, does a preventative shot of this nature and the fact that I contracted Hep anyway, protect me in some way from diseases found in shit?
We will check with our guru, but so far as we know, having some form of hepatitis will automatically immunize you from that same form of hepatitis, and nothing else. See the details in this thread on hepatitis (

According to that information, one week is an unusually or impossibly short incubation time.
I have had the shits for three weeks from a parasite infection I ended up in E.R. had three I. V. pumped in to me dont know where I got it only eat my oun . belive the doc did call it Giardia
so if this hapens to you plese dont wait to long before you seek medical treetment if the runs last over a week get help. I did end up getting a call from the local health Dept. asking questions
but that was no big deal.I am on anti-bios and am getting better
I have had a really bad diarré for 3-4 days. It was like water and yellow. The bottom had it too. It is now 4 weeks ago and my shit is still a bit loose. Not as fine as it used to be, and it smells bitter and bad. My shit is getting better for each day slowly .. The doctor (2 indepent) says: You'r okay - dont worry .. its nothing .. just a diarré ...
Hmmmmm .... Any ideas?
Years ago I had a hep shot because a co-worker had hepatitis and I was advised to get the shot. Soon thereafter I was diagnosed with hepatitis (like a week). My question is, does a preventative shot of this nature and the fact that I contracted Hep anyway, protect me in some way from diseases found in shit?

If I'm not mistaken, I believe the hepatitis shot that you get is actually a weaken form of the disease itself. So the doctor is actually giving you Hep. Maybe that's what showed up on the tests.