Manscat is all about shit and the men who love it
All about shit and the men who love it

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FREE Videos: Guys on the Toilet


Do you like seeing hot guys taking a shit?

This website has a constantly updated collection of videos of young guys sitting on the toilet doing their thing.

These videos are taken by friends spying on their buddies, or busting open the door while their friends are taking a dump. Some of the guys are caught by surprise and start yelling, other guys invite their friends in as they wipe their ass.

This website will collect all the YouTube videos of men taking a dump and post them in one location for you easy viewing. There will be no need for you to search YouTube for videos are guys on the toilet. You can find it all at:

Updated Frequently.
Not a bad site, but since YouTube is constantly taking away videos of guys on the toilet, you can be sure that the videos that look the best, won't be on for long.
Pure Heaven !

Gonna add this site to my Favourites.

Thanks for the find.