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All about shit and the men who love it

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Which foods produce the best shit?

This a question we never tire of. The following replies came from a dialog on the Z-List:

# Beans,starch (potatoes and rice) for bulk.
# Hershey bars for sweetness.
# Codiene! Tylenol, 292, etc. These medications may firm up your turds.

Various 2002-08-22
A: My thoughts on producing firm tasty shit concern: (1) health, (2) metabolism, (3) diet, and (4) exercise:

(1) You should be in good health and not have any particular trouble with your digestive system, though a bit of constipation will promote larger more beautiful turds (grogans). Many people, while otherwise healthy, do in fact have unhealthy [or at least incompatible] bacteria in their bowels; this can and does affect their shit. Get your doctor to Rx you a broad spectrum antibiotic to cleanyourself out. Eating as much shit as I do, I occasionally pick up some flora/fauna that is incompatible with my system; when I start experiencing problems, I get a Rx for 'Noroxin' from my doctor to clean myself out [Yes, he knows that I eat shit frequently].

(2) Your metabolism is going to work the way your genes and overall lifestyle cause it to. I think that when food is passed quickly through the small intestine and slowly through the large intestine [colon], better tasting and firmer grogans will result. Reasoning behind this is that the small intestine is where most digestion and absorption take place, the less time food spends there, the more food shit retains and the better [in an erotic and bizarre way] it tastes. After passing into the colon remaining fluids are absorbed, the longer it takes to pass through there, the less water it will contain, and hopefully the firmer the product will be. You can try to cut down on the frequency of your dumps so that you shit bigger turds. While I hesitate to mention it, light usage of anti-diarrhea medication may slow things up a bit and induce mild constipation. It should be obvious that if you shit 5 times a day, they're going to be pretty small turds. If you can, try once every other day.

(3) You can control your diet. Generally, a good diet will produce good tasting shit. Eat lots but avoid high fat foods, such as most meats and junk foods, as excess bile is produced to digest them and this gives your shit a very bitter taste. Also avoid everything that gives you indigestion, beans that make you fart, extra spicy foods, and high roughage foods [at least in mass quantity] since this will make your shit loose and float [sinkers are best]. Eat lots of pasta, bread, grains, fruits, a bit of cheese, and very small portions of beef, chicken, and pork. Experiment with seafood, it will either agree with you or not; I've found it sometimes tastes better as shit than as fish! A fiber supplement, taken in very small doses a couple times a day might help.

(4) You can also control the amount of exercise you get. Simply, walking, running, swimming, or a light workout a couple times a week should be sufficient.

deJ 2002-08-22
My favorite smelling, smearing, and tasting shit is produced when I or the guy(s) I'm with eat a lot of beef!

pigschit 2002-09-21
I have often had guys ask me how to help train their slave to be a toilet. One of the hardest things for them to get used to is the taste. I personally like the taste of bitter shit being force-fed to me, but in case one wants to sweeten it up, I have a suggestion.

I'm a diabetic, and use a sugar substitute called Splenda. It's a modified sugar molecule designed to pass through the digestive track and not be absorbed. I usually use this in my coffee and also drink soda with it in it (the only choice for that is Diet Rite). It makes my shit taste sweet like chocolate when I lick my finger clean after taking a dump. Guys who are new to shit may love to try it. toiletatl

toiletatl 2003-09-17