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All about shit and the men who love it

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Scat Eaters: How Did You Start?

I am surprised this hasn't been a thread before. I see all sorts of young guys on here and wonder how they got into scat. Actually I am interested in stories how all or any of the shit eaters here got into it. Was there a seminal moment, even if it wasn't the first time, that made you a shiteater. I am happy to say that I am proud to be a full service human toilet. Just as there are many things that turn guys on, there are different facets of scat too that turn guys on. Use this thread to share your true story will all of us and perhaps the motivation or idea that turned you on to it.

Personally, I have been into piss drinking for a long time. I had a hot young good friend for about 7 years and we had sex on a regular basis. I also drank his piss every chance I got and sometimes he drank mine. For the last year I knew him he lived with me. We did a cam site together. I have a video with him posted today. I have attached a still from it and a pic of me with my face full of shit.

To make a long story short, he was moving to California and it was his last night with me. We had tons of sex and he announced he had to take a break to take a shit. I loved him and decided I wanted to experience eating his shit and told him so. We went into the tub and I locked my lips to his hole. After a short wait he pumped a gallon of liquid shit into my mouth. I quickly swallowed down about five mouth fulls and he looked back at me. Seeing my face and body coated in his shit he sort of freaked and ran to the toilet to finish. I insisted though on licking his hole and ass clean. After that he fucked the hell out of me and pumped into my ass.

After that, I couldn't help myself. I had a number of cute young friends I had sex with and I loved eating their asses and virtually begged them to shit into my mouth as I sucked their holes. I was already drinking their piss loads and a couple of guys drank mine, so they were not freaked out by the shit idea, but few had any. A couple of them did and I was hooked totally.

So for me, it is about serving hot young guys. That is the turn-on. Not so much the shit itself, though I decided a year or so ago that I would eat the shit of anyone that wants me to. I wear yellow and brown hankies but virtually nobody has any clue. A man just has to tell me to be his toilet, but 99 percent of gay guys are vanilla pussy boys. A few figured it out and I provided full toilet service right on the spot.

So, if you come to Key West...
At age 9 I liked to pee on a towel and then hold it against me just before I got in the shower. I thought it was warm and knew I would be able to easily wash it off. At the time, it wasn't even sexual. It was just something I liked.
At age 14 I began wondering what it would be like to have sex. I was naturally interested in guys. I used to jerk off in the bathroom of course like every other adolescent. I just thought if I could poo a little bit onto some toilet paper and roll it up real tight then it would be the same. At this time, I didn't want to get any on me but didn't mind on my cock. Fishing it out of the toilet was so invigorating too. I quickly learned to associate the smell with a good feeling so in no time it was getting me hard. It didn't take long for me to enjoy the feeling of shit on me, but never even thought of eating it until around 18. I thought that it would be poisonous or something.
Being the plushophile also, my first time was with my Donatello TMNT plushie (pics up on as AidenIsHot's pics) I would shit on him and began kissing him with the shit on him. I would only get a little bit in my mouth from the kissing but it was enough to get me started.
I ate my first entire load at 22. I remember when because I was back from college and living at my parents again. I was just ready to play and just told myself that I was going to just do it no matter how bad it was. It was two 5 inch stiff logs. I crapped the first one into my hand and then quickly put it in my mouth so as to catch the 2nd as it came out. I just started to chew and swallow as fast as I could. Tears came down, it wasn't easy. After I choked down the first one, I was just so horny that I went that far as to completely down that much that I couldn't back down now. I've found that after lining your throat with a little bit of shit, then it is much easier to get more down. I didn't have much trouble with the 2nd turd, and after I finished that one I was grunting and digging out what little shit I could. I wanted more.

Anyway, now I've found the furry group which is the horniest bunch of guys that you'll ever know. They are very open about anything sexual and are not afraid to let you know they are into scat. No brown hankies or special codes needed here. I've had two scat encounters with furs in less than a year of knowing them. One was Tigerfoxx in fact (on this site) and the other from FL.
as for my first I was rimming this ass, which is one thing that I love to do...have been know to cum without touching or being touched....and a funcky smelling one all the better...well that I was rim for all the I was worth when he's crys of eat my ass turn to eat my shit....not thinking he really ment shit...I just kept going and got this mouth full of firm log....well I guess he must have eaten some cheap Mexican food the night before because it just seem like I was chewing on raw vegys.... well he got up and finished at the bowle but I lick that as clean on his return to bed.....that was about a year ago...looking for more as we speak..lolo
My first shit experience was when i was about 15 whilst walking home at lunch time, i just couldnt hold my shit until a reached home and had to shit my pants, i totally freaked out and ran home and straight into the shower to clean up. A few weeks after the incident, i decided to purposely shit my pants (as had been thinking about it constantly) i enjoyed the warm moist feeling and i crouched up and down to spread the shit around my arse. it was great but i quickly cleaned myself up and that was that,and never did it again.
I came out as Gay when i was 20 and i became aware that some guys were interested in Brown ,although i never found anyone who was, in fact all the guys i knew thought it was vile and disgusting and i agreed with them but secretly i was really turned on by the thought. I then met my partner and any thought of scat fun dissappeared.
When i got a PC for the first time about 3 years ago, i was surfing the gay sites and i came across and i couldnt believe my eyes, i could see thumbnail pictures of guys getting really filthy with shit, i was really excited Then i came across and i saw pictures of brownrubberpig and diaperpigboy666 and i was really inspired to try it
My only experience of scat was to have a shitty arse but here were guys smearing themselves all over head to toe and also putting shit in their mouths and eating too, so i just went crazy and copied them. Fortunately has had a large soft dump and i covered myself all over with it, rubbing it in may hair and in my mouth. i didnt hestitate i just went for it! It was the greatest experience of my life and i am now a totaly filthy shit pig. i wish i had tried it years ago. I am now 46 and been a scat man for 3 years. Its a pity that the vast majority of gay guys will never experience scat fun
It was alot of things for me, when i was young and experimenting, i decided to go to the kinkier side of yahoo groups. there was one group where people would shove transparent cups up their ass and take pictures on their insides, one of the links on the group was a group where people would take pictures of them self sitting on the toilet, in the group there were a couple pictures of people eating shit, then i tried it myself, i enjoyed the taste. i would shit in the shower and eat what i could then shoved the rest down the drain.

this was about when i was 12 - 14.
I hit the gay bars when I was 19 in 1976. Went home with someone the first time I went. Ate his ass after he told me how much he liked it, and after he ate mine first. I loved the feeling, so from then on, I was an asseater. Didnt get any shit until one night around 1990 I was eating the ass of a regular trick of mine. He was real drunk, and his ass was really rank when I started on him. I got my tongue way up in him and found the edge of a turd. Started fingering the turd, and it popped out for me. I doubt my trick had a clue as to what I was doing. I slurped it up. It was a nice extension to dirty ass eating for me. From then on, I became known for deep ass eating among my tricks. I have eaten my own shit many times since about 1992.

It was just my own shit, and the occasional dirty ass until 1999 when I got on line, and discovered that there are alot of guys like me out in the world.
I started when 13, i would shit in the shower when home alone - loved the smell, I would only sniff then, my granparents live in a part of the town that didnt have a swerage and had an outhouse, man that smell always got me hard. In my 20's I experimented with smering and loved it, then moved on to tasting anf eating it. I have been a lover of scat all my life, its just the other type of sex i like. i love to rim, when i was in the army - but thats another story.
at 19...was hustling then...dude was eating my ass and I farted and thought,,damn..but instead of getting turned off the dude started rimming deeper,,,and asked,,if I had another one,,well, shit,, of totally grossed me out when he asked if I,d shit in his mouth..but there were some extra$$$ so why not////this lead to him coming back often just to eat shit,,,and then the word spread among the pigs that,I,d do it....and here I am!!!!damn I should have started earlier!!!
When i was 21 I started going to leather bars. I was drawn to the leather masters.
I sound found i prefered discipline over pain, doing whatever my master told me. One night I saw an older master, not so hot, but very tough looking. Once our eyes met I had to go to him, and ask if i could serve him. He made it clear he would tie me up and use me as he wished. Soon i was in his dungeon, tied up naked, sucking him, getting fucked. He squatted over me, making me rim him - he told me he was going to shit - i squirmed with some resistance, but submitted, feeling him drop a turd into my mouth - i almost gagged, but discovered i loved it, and have been a feeder ever since
I always liked seeing guys on the toilet and listening to them farting in public loos at school. At about 14 started to shit in front of a mirror. Nice big fat turds were always a turn on. I used to like to roll mine all into one to make one fat log of shit all mixed in with my cum. Started to smear shit all over my body as well, and when I got the chance I would shit my pants. Got into eating later, when I was in my twenties. Started small but now eat fat logs fairly regularly.
at 19...was hustling then...dude was eating my ass and I farted and thought,,damn..but instead of getting turned off the dude started rimming deeper,,,and asked,,if I had another one,,well, shit,, of totally grossed me out when he asked if I,d shit in his mouth..but there were some extra$$$ so why not////this lead to him coming back often just to eat shit,,,and then the word spread among the pigs that,I,d do it....and here I am!!!!damn I should have started earlier!!!

Cool at how you got started as a top...What happened your first time at eating shit?
I hang in straight bars, you know, the neighborhood/corner bar. Blue collar to welfare kind of place. Surprisingly, I make out pretty good there. Also will say, I don't make out in gay bars. I know it's something about me.

Anyway, about a year and a half ago, I met "Billy." Just my type. A roofer, 4 kids by three different "baby mamas." And drinks to excess. Hey, for me it's I know about flowers and dinner but liquor is definitely quicker.

After taking Billy home and getting him even more loaded than he was, I told him that I enjoyed "home nudity." He agreed to join me in disrobbing.
He said that he needed a nap and found the 2nd bedroom after using the bathroom to piss some beer out.

There he was face down, and out cold. I stretched his legs apart and started rimming him while he snored away. I was shocked at his level of unconsciousness. When I tongued his hole which was very ripe, his asshole opened up wider and wider. I started to finger fuck him, and lo and behold, I could feel a turd up his shoot. I went back to rimming him and before I knew it, out came a little nugget of his shit, RIGHT INTO MY MOUTH. I was so turned on by rimming him, that I just swished it around in my mouth and swallowed it.
Yeap, Billy and I are still friends, he still comes over, and yeap, sometimes passes out cold and nude.
I've sucked him off a few times while he was awake, and he loves to jerk me me off, telling me that he can't believe how much I cum. (Billy's come a long way with my help.)

Hard to find other shitlovers in the city of brotherly love.
Well guys i started when i was 19 or 20 it was from a lot of things.But the 2 main reasons i ate.Were my farts and boots.Well i love to see a butt with boots when it squats and then rips out a stinky a raunchy sounding one.I was ripping nasty ones and looking at my ass and boots and i could not take any more so i ate.Went in to the bathroom and held my hand down there and filled it up.Never looked back still like my own but want some booted str8 mans dump bad. A beer log soft but solid and long.So i can make love to it frist kiss it lick it tell it how beautifull it looks and smells.I am nuts but love it.
Started when I was about 14,used to fascinated by the look of my shit and the smell !Soon progressed to shitting in my hand and smelling and finally licking those shiney hard turds;then started to suck on them like they were a cock ,all the time whilst wanking and cumming. this was long before I realised I was gay ! By the time I met my first guy I was just about more keen to lick his shitty arse than play with his dick,first time I managed to get some shit from a guys arse I knew that I was hooked forever !
I took to piss like a duck to water; shit, i thought about. And thought about. And one night when a man so handsome he was way outta my league dumped down my throat, i knew what I was. Came without touching myself. And was grossed out.
For a while.
Got into it in my 40's. Was going to rim a hot top's asshole and sniffed first to be sure it was clean. It wasn't. i backed off. But, He kept grinning down at me and telling me to go on and lick it! He was so insistent and seductive i finally suspended reason and just licked it for Him. i survived and discovered the whole new intensive level of humiliation and degradation that comes with eating other guys' shit for them. Now i literally define myself as a shit eater.
Sure, I maybe only be 18 now, but I started eating two years ago. I started fantasising about guys eating each others shit when I was 15, but didn't actually start eating my own till I was 16. At that time my primary fetish was pissing and shitting in diapers, so that's where the curiosity started, eating some poop out of one of my dirty diapers. And naturally, over time, eating shit became my primary fetish. I am still into my diaper fetish, just not nearly as much as I used to be. Eating shit, damn I love it.
I like the way you think...Your future is bright..Eat on.
I first was introduced to and became an instant, total fecesfaggot when I was 14. My fuck buddy/urine buddy and I were in my bedroom, something we did as often as possible, playing with each others wonderfuly wet, slick, urine soaked penises and testicles while urinating gallons and gallons of warm, wet, slick, delicious urine on each other. After we unfortunately finished drenching ourselves in each others' warm, delicious urine, (We both luv urine sooo fucking much),and were wallowing in a deep orange pool of wonderfuly strong smelling urine, He told me a story of when he accidentily swallowed a baby tooth that had fallen out.
The next time he took a shit, he reached into the toilet and grabbed his big turd and started to tear into it because he wanted to find his tooth. Of course, he didn't find the tooth because it had been digested, but that didn't matter though. As he started going through his feces and coating his fingers with his "waste," he started to play with the brown, squishy feces, he started to really enjoy the feel of the squishy stuff between his fingers. He became so enamered that he sniffed his feces coated fingers and became intoxicated with the aroma of his feces. He then touched his toung with his feces coated fingers and that was it! He was addicted to everything about feces and before he knew it, he had eaten both of the big turds he had shit into the toilet. Ever since then he has played with, smeared and eated his extremely sexy feces.
I was absolutly facinated and enthralled. It sounded so fucking sexy. He said that he actualy hed to take a big shit at that moment so I told him to shit out his feces all over me. He squatted over my face facing away from me so I could see his turd cum out of his anus and started grunting heavily as several big aromatic farts blew into my face. I breathed the aroma in deaply, closing my eyes to entirely enjoy his extremely sexy, extremely intoxicating smells. (I had always really enjoyed his body oder, but now there was this other added dimention which sent me over the top.)When I opened my eye, there it was. My buddies anus had opened a little and the tip of his turd was visible as it slowly became bigger and bigger as it moved down out of his anus. It seemed the most natual and beautiful thing in the world to me as I opened my mouth and waited for his luvly turd to enter my mouth, Something that also seemed completely natural and normal to me, that I was eagerly wanting to eat feces. The moment that his big, thick, squishy 10" turd contacted my toung, I knew that I was addicted to feces. He shit out several more large turds onto me before he was done. By this time I was producing my own very large, aromatic farts, which, of course meant only one thing. My buddy immediately moved down to my anus as I started my own loud grunting around the turd in my mouth. He watch intently as my anus opened up and I started to expell huge amounts of squishy feces that ended up in a pile the size of a watermellon. When I was finaly done shitting, we had ots of fun throwing feces at eath other and rolling around in our combined feces. When we were both entirely coated in thick layers of feces we started licking feces off of each other, feces kissing and eagerly eating up the ample amounts feces piles that were all around us.
It was a Friday in late June right after dinner so could and did spend the entire summer nude, coated in feces and having feces sex every minute of every day all summer. From then on we were known as the two toilets in high school and college and had endless supplies of feces to eat and play with. Unfortunately we had to split up when he got a job overseas, where I have am certain he has no shortage of feces to eat and play with. As for me, I'm here in the city where I also have an endless supply of delicious feces to eat and play with.
My first time was about 10 years ago. I met this guy online that lived close by and wanted to get fucked. He said he had been working his ass over with a dlido for a while getting him loose for big cock. The came over and we started to fool around. He said he love to be rimmed and I went for it. I had only rimmed guys that I knew were clean till this point. I dove in to his ass quick and found my tongue licking the shit that was around his ass crack. At first I was disgusted, but at the same time could not stop rimming him. The smell was intnse and taste was tangy from his shit and lube. He asked if i was enjoying his dirty ass. I was so turned on that i had to fuck him right now. I shoved my raw cock in his ass. The guy was full of shit and my cock ws getting covered in it. The room quickly smelld of his shit. I blew my oad up his ass giving him every drop. The guy proceeded to shit my cock out along with some of his shit. The guy went down and cleaned up all his shit by licking it up. He told me he had repacked his ass with his shit asheloved to me shit fucked. After that, my exploration into shit play began.
I was on my knees in the upstairs back room of the Boot Camp in San Francisco. A nearby stud was having a shitty fuck; he turned around and plunged his shit coverd cock down my throat. Until that moment I was sure the "right turd" would never come along, I was wrong. LOL
I was hustling....dude sucking my ass..I farted he asked for another one..and more...ended up charging him lots of$$ and shitting in his mouth..thought it was sick...but hey..$$ smelled good!!!
I first started getting into this stuff when I was about 12. I had no idea really WHAT it was, but the first time I saw one of these websites I came in my pants (First time ever). After that I just wanted to try it, and I would regularly crap my pants and wet my pants at school and while walking home, it just felt so good.

From there, I would just go into the shower at home and rub it all over myself, and eventually I just started to wonder if it tastes as good as it smells.

It definately does!
As a teen, I read a raunch tale about a guy jacking with his own crap... sounded hot, so I tried it first night I was alone in the house. HOT DAMN!!!!! that felt great, but didn't get around to tasting for years, until I got a bud's turd while rimming.
I did learn one lesson, that first time.... make sure you clean up well in the shower, and use air freshener, or parents will look for a backed-up toilet!!!! LMAO
first time for me was when i got back from a club - chemd up - had a load more chems at home so started doing th elot - one thing lead to anohter and i remember feeling an urgen to push myself further. i got in the bath with the plug in - put both feet up and began to shit. i smeared it, tasted it - couldnt believe how heavy a turd was !! puked on myself and ended up spending the whole night coked off my head wollowing in my shit puke and piss - and the rest as they say is history...... i wish i had it on cam...
When I was in elementry school I would crawl under my bed and piss. Then one time I shit too. By middleschool I was playing in the tub when home alone. I would look at somescat porn and then rave to the tub. I started out just humping the turds. Then by 6 th grade I was really into smearing and finguring my self. The next year I found a nice dildo shaped plunger to shit fuck myself. I also loved piss enemas. I would piss in a water bottle and then shoot it up byboy cunt. I contacted several men durng that time and traded pictures but always chickened out. Wish I could go back in time and find some perverted old men. If I could go back I would try to be a little live in sact piglet.
I loved putting on my moms bras and pantyhose, I got so hard and loved to stroke off and cum all over her pantyhose. One time i was stroking off and felt the urgent heed to shit. The more i stroked the more the shit wanted to come out. I stroked harder and began to cum and a big load of crap filled the pantyhose. I rubbed my ass and licked the shit off my hand. After that i just had to shit in tight pantyhose and loved to scoop it out and eat it.
i have to say i really love piss! i love to drink it, bathe with it too. i like to lie down on my futon and piss in spurts and rub it all over my body. Then sleep that way. it's great. i just drank some awhile ago. Yum! Yum!
My interest started as a kid (5-6 yr) I think, where I would actually play a toilet. :P I convinced a friend to shit in his mouth, but we never went through with it. Anyhow, my interest started again in highschool, so one day at home I was in the bathroom jerking off and got so horny that I decided to lick the family toilet clean ;). Guess if I came quickly. :P I then started to take my shit in my mouth while jerking off, but not swallowing. :/ I have yet to swallow an entire turd.
I was in my 20's living on my own. Picked up a guy who was dressed in a suit and tie at happy hour and took him home. Big dick - started with a blowjob, progressed to getting fucked, but in between, he wanted his asshole licked. I loved that and went right in but found it funky and a little crusty after a day's work. Some leftovers maybe? Started to gross me out at first, but he grabbed my head and pushed. Turned me on! He became a regular and came over with dirtier and dirtier shitholes. Eventually, he pushed out a turd and it went right down. Only problem was he wouldn't kiss after that and I loved that too! Next guy was someone I found at the old Spike in NY flagging brown. We had a hot mutual scene and I was hooked!
I guess I originally started as a kid. I had a best friend when I was about 8 or 9 that would openly piss and shit his pants. Soon enough, he got me hooked. I was wetting and messing my pants almost every day and even wetting my bed a couple of times a week. This went unchanged at puberty when the sensual became sexual. All of the sudden, sitting in a hot load wasn't just a cool feeling, it was erotic as hell. It soon became an essential component of my young masturbation fantasies. When I was about 11, I was pissing on myself in the tub when I accidentally squirted some in my mouth. I was surprised when it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. The next time I had to piss, I peed half into a glass. I took a large swallow and loved it. I drained the glass down as I finished pissing my pants. Soon, I started to branch out in the scat direction. Very often, if I was home alone, I would sit in my load for hours. But I eventually decided it was time for more play in the bathtub. I stripped off my shirt, pants, socks and shoes and got in in just my underwear. I started by moving the shit up front and jacking off with it. The smell was awesome. Soon enough, my hands were covered with it. So I started grabbing shit out of my undies and rubbing it on my chest arms legs and feet. This became a regular ritual. Eventually, I would spread shit up further and further. One day I had smeared shit on my cheeks and mashed up a turd in my hair. I remember looking at a pile of shit in my hand and gave into something I had been thinking about for weeks. I took a lick. I loved it. I took a few more licks and eventually just ate the shit that was in my hand. I gagged a little bit the first time, but kept it down and loved every minute of it. Once I started, there was no going back. 2 weeks before my 13th birthday, I shit out a whole load in my hand and ate the whole thing.