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All about shit and the men who love it

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scat eating

if scat can produce so many health concerns why do guys do it?
If you are not in to it, there's no answer.
for many... because it,s so fucken disgusting......there,s the thrill....
Why do guys jump out of airplanes? It's a calculated risk, judged worthy of it's own rewards.
because it so kinky (espically for me who's into shit and rubber gears combo)... however you can do scat without eating it... no eating shit- for me- that is my hard limit. So you can fart, dump, smear, shitfuck ( with condom if your concerned about getting hiv), shitting on your chest instead of your mouth... but leave out eating so you can have "safe scat sex" ;-)
I have been drinking piss for 20 years and eating shit for 8 and the worst has been a few upset stomachs. I also eat cum. I am still HIV negative.
what are the specific risks? I am new to this. I have had my hep a and b injections... but I still worry.
The question presupposes that all of us experience them.But it isn`t so.For one few attempt it at all.And of them who do a portion of these say that they don`t get diarrhea nor nausea from eating shit.Because I almost always do I take thier claims incredulous or at the very least count it plausable only when factoring in how my HIV positivity may mean that they`re not just trying to look like tough guys who can do things you only wish you could.It takes half your lifetime of eating unsafed,warm,fresh shit more and more to comfortably digest a man`s entire load,I suspect.The point is that it wasn`t meant to be something that was meant to be easy to start nor easy to get good at by virtue of the filth of it all.But I love the taste of shit and you can`t get to that point by worrying about the consequences.Any man that you see who is able to eat multiple loads attained that ability from taking many previous risks that eventually prepared him for each consecutive one that followed.And those risks kept getting bigger.Plan on making scat your way of life if you want to be a shiteater.
Just weigh up the consequences, i watch what i eat so i kinda know the filth coming out the other end, but lets face it, it's waste so there's a lot bacteria in your shit that might not go down so well in your tum, but hey i get cramps sometimes form eating legumes. I rarely meet up with anyone into it, so i dont guzzle crap at all, maybe in fits of scat passion i might get a bit of my own in my mouth after smearing it on my face. I do often wonder what would happen if i get a bit in my eye? I tend to find a healthy muddy moist but firm terd with an earthy, freshly just dumped smell more appealing, if i see a guy guzzling green, white or yellow looking terds I find it really off putting. Tell ya what though I'd love to read material on the psychology behind it, it is a primal thing, does it have anything to do with our toilet training or does it have something to do with our relationship to power: it social structures and how we position ourselves in society? And for all the Satanist, are we just conduits for creatures of the underworld, amateur porn stars performing debauched acts to satisfy their tortured lust, showing their contempt for life by forcing living souls to worship and lust after dead matter. It's just piggy naughtiness and eating a genetically altered orange might seem obscene to an extremist however what are we willing to give up for the pursuit of our pleasure?
I have heard that if you drink about half a bottle of pepto bismol before you dine on logs it won't make you sick allthough i haven't tried the pink stuff.But i tend to believe it mite work cause it coats your stomach.But to me getting sick is just the reward you deserve for being a crap eater myself included.Thats something to make your dick hard knowing some arrogant young dude don't give a fuck that he made you eat his shit and couldn't care less if you puke or get sick at all.Thats fuckin hot dudes its worth being sick.I am not a puker anyway what goes down stays down .And believe me i have let some big belches after eating that smelled just as bad as any fart.I wasn't sick either.
Just want to add my two cents in this discussion. I have just gotten over a case of Shigella from eating shit so contracting something from scat is a very real possibility. After two weeks of tests my doctor finally discovered that it was the Shigella bacteria but during those two weeks I never left the bathroom day or night excpet for a few minutes to get something to drink or to try to sleep. I put towels on the bed and wore undershorts just in case but the diarrhea is so severe with this that you cannot make it to the bathroom without making a mess. It was impossible to sleep because the diarrhea was almost constant. I contracted this 24 hours after the scene and it can has a short incubation period of as little as 12 hours. The initial symptom was a complete collapse of my system. I fell to the floor, arms and legs like spaghetti and could not get up. I tried to crawl to the bathroom but could not. Lucklily for me I had a buddy with me watching dvds at the time and he had to grab me by the belly and drag me into the bathroom. Even then, I had no strength to get up onto the toilet and he had to pull me up on it. This was on a Sunday. I still could not walk on my own until Tuesday morning and was just lucky that this friend could stay with me day and night dragging me back and forth to the bathroom. Once my doctor knew what it was, the cure was a three-day dose of Cipro, an antibiotic. He did say that if that did not work he would try others. Luckily for me it did work after the three days and the diarrhea was not as constant as before. My strength is not back yet and my doctor said this could take as much as three months. After four weeks from the initial attack my bathroom routine is back to normal but I can tell you that four weeks of shitting makes for one sore asshole.
Will I continue to eat shit? Probably. Stupid, maybe.
You can also get this infection from contaminted food and at restaurants where the employees have not observed good hygiene. Of course, all the medical sites tell you that the best thing to do to avoid Shigella is to wash your hands which would not apply if you're eating the stuff but would sure apply in all the other shit scenes. Wash those hands guys.
Hi dude man thats ruff.I have never ate from anyone but myself. Whay is this shigells thing was the guy sick or what.I would think if a guy is perfectly healthy there mite not be anything to worry about.There are tons of guys who eat i think you could be a small part that gets this sick i certainally hope so.Cause i plan on someday eating from a str8 booted due.Man that kinda run offs is horrible damn.Question was the guy healthy did you know him and all if you don't mind????I hope your better now.If your not allergic to Garlic take some for about a month or 2 it will kill bacteria in your body no joke.Wow this makes me feel different about eating shit wow.I don't know about it now.Thanks for the information...
Hay Raunchy2 i did a search and this thing you got it can be carried and the person not even know it.From what i researched a resturant whit employees that don't wash good and the people who come to it all can bring it.Its a highly contagious thing.And from what i read it can in some cases have long term bad affects for years to other words its bad news.But it can in most cases be cured by antibotics.It sure makes me think wow.I hope your better man thanks for opening my eyes to that Horror..P.S its not just from eating shit bad food can give it to you.Both are to worry us.
Hey guys. Thanks for the replies. You're right brownbeauty, you can get it from contaminated food as I wrote in my original text. People need to wash their hands, preferably with antibiotic soap if they are working in a restaurant and they need to wash them a lot. Certain foods around the house are more susceptible to it than others also; mayonnaise, chicken and a host of other foods. You don't just get this from shit. It kills a lot of people every year mostly in developing countries but there are many cases in the US every year. It is a concern in day care centers since children are not as careful as adults about hygiene. Also, every case has to be reported by the doctor to the state health department and in my case, I was called and had to do a phone interview about it. I was not trying to scare anyone but to just make it clear that just because one has not gotten sick after years of eating shit, you truly can get very sick Also, knowing the symptoms I reported might alert others to this. In my case, i was actually contagious for two weeks and the tests they did a few weeks later showed no sign of it in my feces anymore. The antibiotic used was Cipro.
Hey there Raunchy2, A year ago I got what I think was Shigella from eating shit. I knew what it probably was so I went to my doctor the next day. I didn't want to tell him what really happened so I told him I had been camping, drank water that later I thought might have been contaminated, he put me on Cipro right away, said from what I told him that was probably it and didn't really need to test me. Because he started Cipro that day I recovered pretty fast but there were a couple of rough days. I didn't have anyone call me about it, maybe because he didn't test for it.

The one thing I've learned between heavy CBT and shit play is it's best to be sort of honest with your doctor. I didn't tell him I ate shit but came up with something close so it pointed in that direction. With the CBT I couldn't make up stuff so had to tell him everything, it's been fun watching his reactions to that. He made me promise to stop playing with needles. Sure I did, just like I told myself I shouldn't eat shit again but what can I say, once a pig always a pig.
Hay guys wouldn't it be nice if we could got to walmart and buy a test kit and test the guy we are gonna eat from frist.Then if postive for it don't eat.Then the guy could go see his doctor and get checked out and maybe treated too.Heck now days touching a door handle when at town is even dangerous the flu and this new staff germ killed some kids at school and not to mention you could get menningitus where your brain gets infected its bad bad news too.Like you guys say and i allready live it wash them hands its your best defense other than not eatint turds..You know our bowels have samonella and i forget the other bacteria in them.Its responsible for farts smelling stinky i bet.Ecolil thats the one.A turd is just working alive with all these things.Not to mention others.Other than them making me sick this is making me want to suck a turd...Thanks guys you have indeed enlightened me about something worse than i thought was there in the bowels.Brownbeauty
Hi to everybody, i'm an italian boy, and for the second time in a year i've ate shit today......i ate shit from the unic man that i play with, he is very safety because he's married and very serious, and we've made togheter AIDS test to be sure both.
What normally must do to be sure that i don't risk to be sick? Or if my man is sane i must not be afraid? Now i'm a little shocked.........someone help me.........what can i do now? Thank you...........bye.
I'd be interested to know how many shit eaters DON'T get sick. Over ten years of heavy consumption...I have never had an upset tummy....nor has my partner from me. Wonder why?
How many guys just rim and don't eat shit? If you think about it, most of the diseases you can get from eating shit, you would probably get from just rimming the same guy anyway. The way a disease is caught, you usually only need a few bacteria introduced into your system, and then they multiply very fast until there are enough of they so you get sick. Shit may give you a larger dose of what you'd still get from rimming. You can't eliminate all risk in life, unless you decide to live in a bubble.
looks like we kind of lost track of the initial post - which is WHY after knowing some guys get sick do you eat...

I have been eating for 2 years - and unlike what one post said on here - it wasnt gradual - I woofed down entire load since day one and havent looked back - I have never gotten sick - but have got the runs for a few hours afterwards a couple of times... I dont have a a regular play partner all the time - so it has been many different guys - and it has probably been somewhere inbetween two weeks and a month inbetween each feeding - ok - now that little history is out of the way -

WHY? because there is no more intimate act on the planet - some guys play with shit as humiliation and raunch ect - but thats not my mindframe - a guy is sharing with you his most private of acts - he is sharing with you his most intimate content - when I am under the rimseat I'm not just eating shit - I am eating from the core of the man - I am feeding on his true essence- and it is actually reflected in the taste - each individual has thier own scent - there own essence - it is also reflected in thier shit - I have played with a hot muscle Daddy for the last few years - I am absolutley crazy about everything about him - and I can taste his essence as I feed from his hole - it isnt unpleasant in the least - I actually find myself digging deeper and deeper trying to get every last possible remain - and with a gut full I can honestly say it can leave me wanting more - as you eat you learn to celebrate in various components of the session - the sting on the tongue when you hit the initial sludge - damn I love that - then the texture - you start enjoying the different textures on the tongue - the opening of the hole - being enveloped into a vacuum just before delivery - the warm trickle of piss that they involuntarily let go onto your chest - the actual act of swallowing - the feeling of being filled in your gut - there are so many componets all of which dirive extreme pleasure and satisfaction if your head is in the right place - its about M4M - its masculine and its intimate - its powerful and its gentle - its a submissive act and yet is so very very dominate - I could ramble on for hours - but to truley understand you need not have to climb under the rimseat and eat and experience it - you just to need to find the spirit of it in the recesses of your mind - once you do the actual act is easy - natural - comfortable - and a thousand other adjectives - but above all it becomes essential - that is why...
daddysdirtyasslicker said it all in his last two lines.......
So If you only eat your own you should have less of a chance of getting sick?