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All about shit and the men who love it

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Do you guys eat your own shit?

just curious if any of you have eaten your own shit. And if you have do you do it often or was it like a one time deal. Also do you eat it alone or with someone else watching?
I like to eat my own shit when I am cleaning a guy who shit fucks me, I find it hot and nasty at the same time.
I eat my own shit, 4 or 5 times a week. Wish I had a partner to play with...
i eat my own shit to stay in practice. i can go a long time without shit, not by my choice of course, so i eat my own. also, i crave shit any kind of shit, so mine does fine.
I prefer to share my shit with other pigs. Once i have been forced fed and forced puke. And of course forced to eat that brown puke again. This was my puke - but not my shit ;-))
i do. not freaky huge amounts at a time though. i also like drinking my piss.
the most piss i've drink in a session was at least a half gallon worth.
the other half was added to the plastic tub i was sitting in first.
i smeared it and a huge amount of firm still warm shit while
sucking excess of my fingers and chasing it down slowly with my pee,
smearing and bathing in my filth for a few hours..

of course , unless we live alone we can't always have
sessions like that..

sometimes, for a frantic quickie, i like to shit onto my floor and lick and eat
it while masterbating. or fill my mouth and slowly swallow parts
of it after a few well chewed and savored
swallows i'm exsploding.
it's amazing the orgasim it induces sliding down your throat.

i go weeks sometimes without masterbating period.. or cumming rather.

i do it alone always.. love thinking of someone peaking through
the keyhole of my door or my window as i do, getting off on it.
if these walls took pictures..hehehe
It's very common for guys to eat their shit, even if only on rare occasions. You may find some of these in the video section. Yep. Sometimes the word used to describe this is "a solo"; however, I am not positive that word is used frequently. Used to be that guys on chat liked me to make up stuff for them while they ate and jerked. Some of my assumptions may be dead wrong. People do things for a quadzillion reasons. And finally, if your eyes cross from boredom, and they're getting stuck? Somehow this COULD uncross them.
I do on occasion, maybe once a week. Yesterday had a buddy fuck me, got shit all over his cock, but wouldn't let me clean him up, had to shower, dammit! But what he didn't know, when I was rimming him I got a few pellets of his! Loverly taste, nice and sweet...just wish I could have gotten more, or been open about it, but gotta take what you can get, right?
Yes I do you have to if you are hungry and you do not have a partner or friend to feed you
Absolutely. It's the only way to satisfy my craving when there is nobody around to play with. I just fuck my full ass with a dildo and suck it clean. The orgasms are awesome with a popper high.
yes,eat my own shit here fuckin my dirty shithole with dildos and suckin them to eat,play on cam
absolutely. Love licking my didlo clean after fucking myself; if the taste is appetitizing, I'll keep fucking myself until I have completely mined out the shit. Or being on my hands and knees licking a pile I just dumped. Prefer licking the dick that has just treated me like a bitch, but real studs are hard to find. My other preferrence is to shove a semihard skinless banana up my shit hole and eat is when is finally comes up or eating a banana from another pig's hole.
oh most definately love eating my own. Sometimes, I find it fun to eat a whole shit, and then eat it again the next day, like re-eating your own shit. Don't do that very often, but that sure is fun.
I had a good time today. At last, a dude I've been seeing most Sundays for months deployed in my mouth, and I took it in stride. Fuck, eating from toilets
burbled up, and the shit taste lingers, even now. I fuckin' love sucking shit!
You bet I eat my own shit. When I have a big load of shit, I eat is all. And I want more. I am a SHIT PIG.
eat my own shit???hell NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ehehehehhe//love hand feeding it to another not afraid to get shit on my hands//
Yup. Absolutely!

I usually eat whatever I might have left in me at bedtime - just let out a bit, put it in my mouth, let it melt, repeat until there's no more. I love falling asleep with the taste of fresh shit in my mouth!

I've also had times where for a few days I eat everything I produce. It's not too often, and usually for no more than three days at a time, but I've enjoyed it every time and looked forward to the next time.

Of course, it should go without saying that I'd really rather be getting a bellyful of shit fresh from another guy's asshole, but - as the song says - you can't always get what you want. ;-)
Oh yea eat my own alot. Love to suck on a solid log like a cock.
hell yes, i eat my own, and a mate of mine, i like the hard firm shit best,, so i can suck on a nice turd kike a cock,,
I love ot eat my own and do so about once every two weeks when I am horny. I find it a turn-on indeed.
Yeah Guys, almost every day.
I started about eight years when I got into scat and shiteating bigtime. At first it was for self-training because I didn't want to gag when I got the chance to eat a hot guy, so I'd swallow some of my own every time I dumped, even if just licking my fingers. My idea was to force myself at any time of day or night and whether or not I was really horny. It got to be a habit.
Since then I have eaten an enormous amount of shit and, of course, swallowed from several different partners on one night at scat parties. I never have any ill effects (unless you consider fetid breath and burping farts a problem but I don't).
It turns out there is a biological reason for this. I've talked about it with a couple of gay doctors on two different continents and they all said the same thing: by swallowing some every day, even just a little, you condition your digestive system to "expect" fecal matter and not to reject it. So not only your fucked up mind but your physical organism needs the stuff.
I really like this explanation and I am sure all of you will, too. We're finally being told that something fun is good for you!
Me too. I eat my own shit regularly, almost every day or every other. Sometimes I take a break from it, to travel, etc., but this only makes me horny to eat more of my own shit next time!

filthyfilip's comments are especially interesting. At first I couldn't eat much at all without gagging. I tried the fruit thing -- prunes are easy to stuff up your ass and then shit out. Later on, after i got used to the taste, I no longer needed to mask it. Thanks for the physical explanation. I've wondered how it was possible I got over the revulsion (possibly learned behavior?) and REALLY started to enjoy the taste and smell of my own shit. I've been eating for years now and never had any ill effects.
Being single, I do eat my own shit and I do not believe there is anything wrong with that. The difference between eating my own and eating another man's is like the difference between jerking off and having sex: one is not better than the other, just different. I love the idea of recycling. I do not eat it fresh; I always let it sit on paper towels or rags in the fridge overnight. I always save the leftovers in case company drops in unexpectedly!
yep another shit eater here that eats his own... if you can eat your own you can eat anyones, besides there aren't always men around to eat when you want too.
Shit, yeah, I eat my own. I like it best when I rub my finger on my ass hole after I have just shit and eat it off my finger. After I've had enough then I wipe my shit hole with toilet paper. Like all others, I'd rather eat someone else's but it's not always available and I can't get enough piss and shit.
Thanks to filthyfilip who posted above that there is actually a good biological reason for eating one's own shit every day! I always suspected that the more shit I ate (mine or another guy's) the more my body would get used to it because now my stomach is used to all those "bad" germs.

I also agree that there are never enough Tops around to feed all us bottoms! So we recycle our own. Nothing wrong with that. In fact I am always amazed when another Top's shit tastes just like mine! I know there are differences, but there are also similarities! Keep recycling!

hell no! The only manturds that have ever interested me were from other men...that shape of a man's ass, his raunchy attitude.....but the shit alone, by itself? Never...Just my own opinion, not putting down other men into the shit by itself.
Don't really like it. Have done in the past, but much prefer other guy's shit. Just something about it, I guess.
NO. But I like others to enjoy it..
I am enjoying this thread : )

I like seeing other guys' take on shit-eating. It seems there are shit farmers and recyclers, who really go for the shit itself. Then there are toilets, who go for the Top feeding experience. Some guys must be into both. This is a great way to learn more about shit-eating and what it means to me!

ABSOLUTLY I eat my own faggot feces!!!! Every fucking day!!! I LOVE it!!! Of course, I LOVE to eat other faggots' feces as well as animal feces, but I also really LOVE to play with and eat my own feces. I LOVE the taste of my feces!!! I eat my feces every day, at the very least three times (for meals) a day. When I have time to play I LOVE to coat every inch of my faggot body in thick layers of my faggot feces, becoming a human faggot turd, then continue to shit out huge amounts of my faggot feces and eat my delicious faggot feces as I wallow in my tub overflowing full of my faggot feces, faggot urine, faggot puke, faggot snot, faggot buggars, and faggot semen!!!
I also LOVE to shit out huge faggot turds, drench my faggot turds in gallons of my warm delicious faggot urine, faggot puke, faggot buggars, faggot snot and faggot semen and slowly eat them, letting each bitefull marinate in my mouth for a while so I can really enjoy and savor the taste, aroma and feel of my faggot feces, faggot urine, faggot semen soup befor I swallow and move on to the next bite. I have never gotten ill sick. If I ever do puke up my feces, urine, semen soup I just eat it again. The slime from your stomache plus your feces, urine, semen slime is just so delicious, intoxicating and sexy. Of course, I eat as much other faggots' feces, urine, semen as often as I possibly can, but I really do LOVE the taste of my own feces. Quite simply, I just realy LOVE ANY AND ALL FECES!!! It is just so natual for me to eat my own feces. I just do not understand how any self respecting faggot would not absolutly LOVE the taste of and eat his own feces!!!
I do for sure... almost daily and sometimes twice a day...
I'm still waiting for my first experience with another guy, I was due to have a visitor this weekend, but he hasn't got back to me...
I'm talking to two others in the hope that something will transpire in the next few weeks, meanwhile, I'm more than happy to continue to play solo which I've been doing for years, not all the time, I go though periods of not doing anything, but right now I'm obsessed with it and watching everything I eat to try to get exactly the right consistancy and flavour. I too use a dildo to fuck my full ass and suck it clean and I'm getting to the point that there is virtually no waste either, I also find it erotic to lick my fingers and hands clean after I have cleaned myself out and then I'm off to eat some more to get ready for another session later in the day... which I'm looking forward to right now...
The first time I ate shit, it was from another guy. After that, I eat my own shit to get in the mood before going out and hoping to find some shit to eat or run into a couple of hot young friends who feed me. Also eat my own to keep in practice and confirm to myself that I am a shiteater and full service human toilet.
As often as I can
I have had more experiance with guys shit or pelets, than my own in my mouth. Last night I was tempted to eat my own. it was late and i didnt want to clean up after.... It was to late...
When in dublin... Dalkey actualy, there were 1000year old obalisks at night i went up the mountain for a walk.... something told me to taste my shit... I did, but i was scared to deficate the hole place. the nudist place on the coast of the irish sea....I started drinking when the rain came and everyone ran for cover in an alcove. I needed a shit so I had to go around rocks to get out of site of everyone... I climed out the water up a few rocks faced the sea and shat this nice med 7inch log and the as i was touching it i felt another erg to ... icould leave evidence... the cops will know its me, so i put the first one in my throught swallwed it one go then another 9 inch log came while i swalled, then shitth it in my hand the second swallow right after , i clmed back into the sea and back to the alcove... i felt some poeple were duite understanble!
I have to agree with a number of you guys....have eat my own on occ. would rather be licking off the dick that just fuck me as I swallow the rest of his cum and pee....other wise it's all of eat an ass and if I get my reward MMM all the better
Yes, I've been eating my shit at least weekly or more often for several years now. And, I've eaten my own turds and traded mutually with other pigs, as well, eaten my own shit on CAM-2-CAM. Also, have had some great times while eating a Top's shit, to obey also swallow his crap and then told to eat my own too.
I crave for shit I eat my own shit every single it
Yep! But I tend to smear. Just can't help it!
Not long ago i would never imagine eating my own shit. Now, i have done it many times on cam because realtime is not easy to come by. i get off on watching guys watch me eat shit. Of course verbal encouragement is always helpful. :)
Yes. I eat my own took a while to get used to it .....It does not always taste the same ..also the texture changes .....depending on what I eat....
I have a routine....Come home early from walking dog....then I take my favorite dildo & shove it into my shit hole....and I carry on, until Shit wants to come out...sometimes it is a real rush to make it to the toilet.....I pull it out and lick it clean while I am shitting .....lots times I finger my dirty hole getting more shit to eat.....been doing this farly regularly........also drink my piss once in a while.....very strong sometimes.....never been sick from it
It is true do not need a partner if you eat your own...just enough
My own shit is all I've ever eaten and I don't want to eat another's. There's surely a lesser chance of getting a bug that way. It's hot to take a dump on cam and be watched eating it.
It eats its owm 3 times a week farned shit al kinds craves animal shit in al holes love to eat til bloated
eat it and hump it
yes l eat my own shit, only because l have'nt found a guy yet into it, l would prefer to eat a turd from another guys arse. When l'm rimming a guy l often imagine him shitting in my mouth, It really gets me horny.
I like to eat my own shit, especially hard turds. It makes me horny. Its the best
preparation to enjoy the shit of other pigs.
Yes... my favorite routine when I am alone is to fuck myself with a dildo and lick off the dildo (refer to it as mining for the brown) several times, then unload and hump the pile. Shit makes the best lub for sex. Since I usually
have no plans, I put on a jogging suit until bed time and shower the next day.
Yes, I eat my own. After taking a shit I stick my finger up my ass and lick it off before I wipe. Kinda fun when your in a public mens room and there is someone in the next stall who has no idea what you are doing. Also have eaten of the floor and, just last night, spread my shit on a hot bagel and ate it slowly while I was watching a ball game. I also drink my piss.
I'm new to all of this! Lol. I've never eatin my own as well as anyone else's
oh baby ..I,d love to hold you in my arms and feed you either my or your own shit.....
I eat my own and drink my own piss I have had one buddy that I ate from . I want to eat from more men
Love to have intense filthy solo sessions...nothing like savoring the taste of your own shit and washing it down with nice warm piss. Exchange experiences anyone...
Got half of about an 8inch log down tonight (the first firm half) and didn't puke. Got close and didn't finish the whole thing. I don't think I've been that hard in my whole life.
Yeah, I love to eat my own shit. I save the hard part of a dump and eat it when I jack off. It's the only way to cum!
Since I don't have a feeder, yes, I do eat my own shit. I love dumping out a long and taking it slowly in my mouth, then chew and swallow while I jack off. Still looking to eat from someone's hole.