Manscat is all about shit and the men who love it
All about shit and the men who love it

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Muscled gay hunk shitting

Am I the only one here to like a big man muscles taking a good shit? I love it so much, maybe it's just me but I have in mind that their turd are bigger than a normal man, is that right?
Crazyman19, try It is mosly in Spanish but the pictures in the "pictures" folder do not need ay language, methinks
Had a guy with latex pants. Did his scat in it while watching. He walked in the park with it. Came back home up the high rise lifts and pulled the plasctic down for me to play with. Had a couple of folks in the lift but they did not have a clue.
Thanks a lot Dickon!
You are welcome, Crazyman19 :-)
Dude it would be a honor to recycle anything a big muscle man would feed me. deca laced logs and winstrol loaded piss are my preferred flavors.
Skinny guys seem to make the longest, fattest, knottyest shit I've heard. I'm no muscle dude but I'm in great shape, lean and defined and I hear I'm one of the best shit makers guy shave ever had all the time.