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All about shit and the men who love it

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Shit Stuffing Party

Any of you shit-pigs in the mid-Michigan area want to join me in a shit stuffing party? I got the wildest, hottest idea while watching an infomercial last year, for the Ronco pasta and sausage machine. It has a large hopper that you put the ingredients into, it mixes it all up and then you reverse the motor and it pushes all the "sausage" mixture into a tube dispenser ... see where I'm headed with this!?

All the shit-pigs shit into the hopper and then take turns filling our little shit-pig sausage cunts!!! The nice thing is that the shit can be used over and over and over again. Farmed shit can also be added to the mix. Anyone wanna make shit-sausages with me?

Stud Dog Mike
Sounds damned sick & twisted! Just like a good pig to figure something that hot out. Too bad I'm too far away to help fill the hopper and pack an ass.
upload the commercial for others to get the idea across the pond, who havent a clue what your on about.
mark uk
Don't have the commercial to upload, but here is a picture of the machine ... quite a few available on eBay.
Stud Dog,
That is totally disgusting...I love it and would be willing to contribute to the shit mix.
Don't know if I could shit in front of anyone else, no less a buch of guys, but you'd
probably give me lots of encouragement.
Hell yes that sounds like a fun time. count me in. When do you want to start the stuffing.