Manscat is all about shit and the men who love it
All about shit and the men who love it

Spread the good turd.

Samples taken from the Shitbase forum inside. These pages are fodder for the search engines. Names and info have been stripped to protect the shitty.

    Beginning Shit Play

    Rank novices or the morbidly curious, start here.

  1. What do you mean by scat play?
  2. Are a lot of people into this?
  3. I'm a virgin
  4. Thinking about it?
  5. The ABCs of Scat?
  6. Beginning Feeding-Prep for the "drop"??
  7. eating my own shit?
  8. Fantasy Shit Players
  9. Any hints about training someone to be fed?
  10. questions about swallowing?
  11. Newbie
  12. How do i start?
  13. started young
  14. I got this finger up my butt...and
  15. looking for someone to teach me...
  16. Watching guys sitting on the toilet
  17. Shitting Problem
  18. Why r we so turned on by shit?
  19. Muscled gay hunk shitting
  20. My first swallow and no gag
  21. New to the site
  22. my fellow new pigs
  23. Do you guys eat your own shit?
  24. How do you wipe?
  25. Wiping my fuck hole
  26. Why is it hard to find a serious date?
  27. Swallowing shit
  28. Scat Eaters: How Did You Start?
  29. want to learn to eat and smear
  30. where can u find scat comics
  31. When did you get started
  32. new noob questions
  33. What's better?
  34. noobie hoping for some help
  35. Watching/hearing men sitting on the toilet taking a dump makes me aroused.
  36. Hope to eat my own soon
  37. Eat shit is dangerous?
  38. Finally swallowed
  39. Question about eating???
  40. Chewing Vs. Swallowing
  41. does it all taste the same or diffrent??
  42. shit filled frangers
  43. Nice thick turd to Diahorrea
  44. Demo/How-to Video?
  45. What to know about a shittop: His Packing and Scheduling
  46. Messy Guys -- Shit Pig Alexander DVD. divx Download
  47. Frozen shit
  48. help getting started
  49. progression to depravity
  50. Someone help me get started please
  51. My Feet & My Shit
  52. Rimming--When did it become required?
  53. Filthy sugguestion, I'll even take pics!!
  54. Hey guys
  55. Is Unconditional Scat Love Possible?
  56. Hmm, Need some help here.
  57. Total noob question... what does it actually taste like?
  58. New to Scat
  59. Beginner at shit eating
  60. eater 4 feeder
  61. Finally ate my own shit
  62. What's it like the first time?
  63. How to meet
  64. How Does One Become A Good Toilet Slave
  65. Having trouble
  66. First time shit play