All about shit and the men who love it
All about shit and the men who love it.

Drawing by LUST4LIVES

Outhouse Shit Slave

From my position in this Outhouse box I can hear the construction workers talking and working around me. I have been trapped in here for what must be more than a month. I lost track of days a long time ago.

I answered this ad on the internet for a slave who wanted to give absolute power to his master. I have always wanted to give myself over to someone. We met and played a couple of times to see if we fit. It was some of the best SM sex I had ever had. Master Rod took complete control and I felt completely safe in his hands. I slipped more and more to him every time. Finally, he asked to make it permanent. I agreed and quit my job and sold everything I owned. I handed Master Rod the money when I arrived to become his permanent slave.

I had nothing but the clothes on my back. Rod took that too. I was made to strip and hand him my clothes. I followed him out to his private backyard and watched as he put them on the grill, doused them with lighter fluid and set fire to them. Now I had nothing. Nothing except to service Him.

My life became and endless list of chores and serving him sexually. Master Rod was completely controlling and punished me hard and swiftly. I learned to obey him without thought or delay. Every day He seemed to up the ante on what I would do for him.

One day he decided that I did a really bad job of cleaning the bathroom. He pulled me into the bathroom and shoved my head down to the toilet. It looked clean. Master Rod lifted the seat and showed me the dirt I had missed by not lifting the seat. I gapped in a big way. Master Rod decided that because the toilet was unfit to be used that my punishment would be to replace it. From now on, I would serve as a toilet to him. A tear rolled down my cheek. I loved SM, but, I am not into watersports or worse yet, shit. But, I knew that I would do what ever He wanted. I had no control left. I just accepted what ever He willed.

Master Rod pushed me to the floor face up. Kicked off his jeans. And squatted down over my face, facing my head. His anus was not unfamiliar to me. He loved getting his ass tongue swabbed on a regular basis. I had been forced to accept it dirty a couple of times. But, nothing like I was about to. Master Rod ordered me to open my mouth wide. He planted his asshole down on my mouth. Then He ordered me to clean his shitty hole.

I went to work right away in the hopes that a good job might make him horny and forget my punishment. I should have known better. After all, he was getting off on this. His steel hard cock was proof of that. I was done for. Master Rod lifted his balls out of the way so he could look down into my eyes. "I want to see your eyes as you change from slave to human toilet." He growled. "I want to see your faggot shame as my shit enters your mouth and you become a shit sucker."

I wanted to cry in shame, but, I had to acknowledge that fact that I was hard. I didn't want to eat his shit, but, I was unbelievably turned on by Master Rod using me in the most degrading way any man can.

His hole opened and my tongue sunk into this bitter mass that was moving its way out of his hole. It was softer shit. Like someone with a healthy high fiber diet would have. His shit filled my mouth and reformed to fit it. My cheeks filled and puffed out with his stinking wet shit. His hole closed and pinched off the end. Master Rod sat back on my chest and commanded me to chew his pasty brown. Tears streamed down my face as I obeyed. I could feel corn and nuts in the soft shit. I could taste his meal from last night. It burnt a little.

the paste was loosened to a shit and piss soup

After a minute Master Rod felt pity and commanded me to start swallowing his log. I gagged a couple of times. Master Rod made it clear that I would not want to be punished for screwing up this punishment. I swallowed in small chunks to get it down. When I was done Master Rod put his cock over my mouth and commanded me to open up again. He Pissed a half a mouth full. Then he told me to gargle with his piss. The shit pasted to my mouth was loosened to a shit and piss soup. Then I was told to swallow that. Master Rod pissed some more.

He moved his asshole up to my mouth to finish the job. This time he told me to swallow it as it came out. I swallowed his rank shit as fast as I could . He didn't wait for me though. My mouth ended up filling again despite my best effort. Master Rod wiped his ass and stuck the toilet paper on top of the mess in my mouth. "Finish eating that shit faggot. You may not rinse your mouth. I want you to taste that shit of mine all day." He commanded. "You need to remember your punishment." I sucked the shit down my throat. The shit remain in my mouth as a wet skanky paste. Every time I swallowed that day a little more paste went with my spit. Causing me to gag a little. Master Rod thought it was funny as hell.

Now that the line had been crossed, Master Rod decided he wanted regular service from me. A rare moment of self caused me to beg him not to use me as a toilet again. I just couldn't take it. It was to raunchy. To awful. As expected, Master Rod was angry with me.

A day later his friend Jeff came over. Jeff had used me in the past and knew all about my service to Master Rod. This time he came over with one of those port-a-pottys that you see on construction sites. Made of wood. These things have a door at the back to clean out the box under neath. They carted it into the garage and brought me out to it. Jeff unlocked the back and Master Rod told me to get inside. This outhouse had been specially adjusted. It was higher than usual so my legs extended under the floor. The hole had two boards under it to make a V shape. Which led down to where my head was being strapped. Now everything that goes down the hole hit the boards and funnelled to my face.

My hands where shackled and just before they replaced the back Master Rod told me the plan. "Faggot, you are going to learn to like eating shit. You have no choice in the matter. No one can see down the hole to your face. The circular shaft prevents that as does this slope trough in front of you."

He smiled. "If you make noise and get caught, you will be thought of as some kind of pervert. The construction crew would kick the living crap out of you. You will eat and drink what comes down that path or you will not survive. The construction site you are going to be placed at it going to be working for three months. I may check in, I may not. Its up to you to learn to survive on these guys shit and piss.

So, here I am in the box. Shit and toilet paper have long since crusted about my face. Leaving the hole in front of my mouth to eat guys shit. The really wet diarrhea is the worst. One day a guy puked. That was really awful. I nearly gave myself away when that hit me. But, now I find myself praying for Monday mornings all weekend. When I am left with cold shit to eat or worse, nothing. I myself have started to be buried in my own shit and piss. It is now almost as high as my legs.

Jeff came in a couple of times and asked if I was still there. Then had have a monster dump and laughed as he knew I would be chowing down on it gratefully. I am pretty good at eating it now. I would be grateful to just eat it from Master Rod.

I have a feeling that Jeff isn't taking me back for a while.

Puddles was raised by a family of wolves. Okay, not really. But, he has been known to howl at the moon once in a while.

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